Slave five

Name lindsey
Age 22
Birthplace devin citty sate of Aristotle.
Perents farther was a minner. Killed in a mining acident. Morther is a house keper.
Marital satus never maried.
No children. Subject is a virgin. Proof of virginity is available. Visual inspection under supervison is available.
  Satus subject has wilingly terned herself over to be a slave. Documentation available upon request.
Education seccond in her class in high school. Did not go to college
Height 5.10
Eye coller blue
Hair brown
  Profile subject was born to blue color family. She had four sisters and two brothers. Neither of her parents completed high school. She attended public school. She exceled in school.
Even with scholarships ,she would be unable to aford college.she decided to go to work in a mine. After farther was killed she decided to leave mine work.
She worked menial dead end jobs with little room for advancement. She has concluded that her best option was to submit herself to be sold into slavery.
She is highly inteligent. She has extensive knowledge on manny topics. She is skilled in labor and other skills.
She is also futile and would make an ideal breder slave. She could be an in administration or labor. She could do domastic or other work. She would be an ideal slave for multiple functions.
Opening bid 2000 yeters
Auction house moris house
Biz number 6754-8
Slave is dresed in gray uniform but can be striped for naked inspection. Visits are acepted and encouraged.


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